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10 easy home remedies for ant bite treatment

Ant biting is surely something not too much serious where you will have to run after too many doctors. But yes the short duration of pain and itchiness after the biting is quite uncontrollable and unbearable. There are also some people who have sensitive skins, so whenever any kinds of insects bite them or even go through their skin, they get allergies. For them, an ant biting is more like a thousand biting. Cause an ant biting leads to rashes or allergies, for them. But several things can relief you instantly from the irritation and inflammation of an ant bite. You can get most of this treatment using your home ingredients which are always available in everyone’s home usually. Here I am describing 10 home remedies for ant bites to reduce pain, inflammation, and irritation which are easy and you will get these easily at home.


1.    You can use lemon juice after the ant bite. It will simply relief you reducing your pain and irritation. Just squeeze lemon pieces on the affected area, and you will feel better very soon.

2.    Vinegar is one of best home remedy as it has so many uses. Applying vinegar for the place where ant has bitten you will prevent the swelling as well as the inflammation and pain. It will also prevent infection in case you have scratched the place or if the ant is poisonous.

3.    Honey will help to comfort you soon after you have applied in in the affected area. Rub the honey on the ant bite place and leave it for some time. Rinse it off, and you will feel the comfort.

4.    Cucumber is one of the greatest natural remedy ever. Its' cooling affects help to get relief instantly. So if it is burning like hell, rub a piece of cucumber. It will relief you from the itching, inflammation, and pain.

5.    Aloe vera is another natural cooling agent for skin. You will get instantly benefitted by rubbing its essential gel on the affected area. It will also prevent swelling as well as inflammation and irritation.

6.    If you are in a garden area, you can simply just mix clay with water and apply it into the bitten place. It will get relief instantly from itchiness and pain. But be careful about looking if it has any worm or other ants.

7.    Baking soda is very useful in neutralizing the ant poison and relieving the person from itching and pain. Cause it is also an antacid. Its’ carbon dioxide helps to eliminate irritation. So you can just simply make a paste of baking soda and water, or you can also use lemon juice with it. Using lemon juice with baking soda will effect faster.

8.    If the irritation is unbearable and it is hard to tolerate till making or finding the elements of treatment just message bit of olive oil in the affected area.

9.    After the ant bite, apply some drops of hand sanitizer in the affected place. Don't wipe it. Leave it for some time there.

10.    Use wet tea bags on the affected area. It will reduce the irritation instantly.